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Holy relics of st. Tatiana, st. Martyr Panteleimon, st. Varnava and st. Lazar whom the Lord Resurrected from Death in Pomorie Monastery

By the Great Mercy of God and the prayers of our Patron saint George and all saints we are joyful to inform all our brothers and sisters that in the monsatery in period 8th to 16th of August our holy cloister was spiritually enriched and blessed to have for pilgrimage holy relics of great prayer intercessors for our saints st. mrtr. Panteleimon, st. apostle Varnava, st. Lazar (the same Lazar resurrected in the 4th day from death by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ) and st. martyr Tatiana.
Saint Tatiana - early Christian Italian martyr saint from 2nd century in Pomorie

Saint Tatiana - Christ Martyr and our heavenly intercessor from II-nd century

We know through the centuries, the holy relics of the God glorified saints granted healing and deliverance from spiritual and health problems to multitude of people who came ask the saints for prayer intercession in faith.
Icon of Saint Eearly times Martyr Panteleimon Holy relics in Pomorie Monastery

Saint Martyr Panteleimon - Heavenly intercessor for all ill and suffering Christians

Even to this day the same holy relics continue to be miracle making and by God's grace granting us spiritual and physical health.

The fact these great God saints has been in our monastery in Pomorie is a great mercy to all Pomorian citizens and to whole Bulgarian nation.
Let by the prayers of this great saints God has mercy on our holy cloister and the whole Orthodox Bulgarian nation!

st. Varnava of the 70 apostles of Lord Jesus Christ Orthodox Christian icon (Saint relics for veneration in Pomorie)

Saint George's day - 06.05.2012 - "Father Sergii say a prayer and the Lord God will deliver you"

One more year in honour of the heavenly protector of the Holy Monastery saint great Martyr George (the Gloribringer), a Holy Liturgy was served. Saint George day is one of the most bright Christian feasts in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church year and all across the orthodox world.

For many centuries, the co-memoration day of saitnt George is highly venerated in the Bulgarian nation. Thousands of believing Christians came to the holy cloister to beg saint George a prayer  intercession for a spiritual welness, soul and body healing or just to thank God for for all his good mercies.

This year the feast in city of Pomorie started earlier than usual, while on 5th of May Archimandrit Yerotei (the abbot of the Monastery) gave his blessing to all participans in the 9th National Trakian Folklore gathering "Georgiovden".

This year by God's mercy, a holy relics of Saint George and saint Martyr Marina were brought from Silistra. To make the joy even bigger a tiny part of Saint George's holy relics will be kept in the monastery from now on.

To make the monastery joy complete the mitrpolitan Ioanikius came to be the dearest guest and serve a Holy Liturgy, asking heavenly grace from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Together with his reverance father Iaonikius, the liturgy was co-served by father (priest) John from Velikotarnovo's diocese (who along with his monks prieshood also is working as a full time doctor).
Other priests who helped in the service were Father Silvester from Sliven (a priest and Church treasurer), (church treasurer) Ivan Staikov and deacon Alexander Neshev.

Official guests for the feast were the head consul of Russia Mr. Juri Salavyov, Mr. Nikos Stalos (second municipal council of Nea Anchialos /Greece/) as well as the ambassador of Libya.

For the feast a big multitude of faithful Christians came from Burgas and the nearby cities and villages as well as from the sister churches Russia, Romania and Greece.

At the end of the Holy Liturgy father Joanikius gave his blessing to everyone and preached about the great grace of the Lord which was clearly manifested through the martyrdom of saint George.
The same graceful energy of the Holy Spirit even to this day is helping to the humile, the common people, the people who work hard for their daily bread, the sick and torturing orthodox christians and everyone who is asking God for help with faith, hope and love in heart.

The Abbot of the Monastery Father Ierotey along with father Liubomir Bratoev served together the common festal sanctified holy water springing in the monastery yard, because the temple was over-filled with pilgrims.

Multitudes of people continued to came to the holy cloister from Burgas, Varna and rest of Bulgaria  throughout the whole day. Father Sergii (the right hand of the Abbot) and devoted in Christian life monk, tirelessly explained to the people how they should always pray and ask God for help in our daily affairs. Father Sergii was telling the people "Say a prayer and ask saint George to pray for you and God will deliver you!"

News Saint George's feast day and day of all Pomorians - 06.05.2011 

A festive Holy Liturgy has been served by his holiness Metropolitan Joanikius for Pomorie's Monastery feast on St. George's day (06.05.2011).

Traditionally, pilgrimage from the whole country has come to ask for a prayer intercession of st. great Martyr George.

In the eve of one of the brightest Christian feasts in Bulgaria, St. George's day a night vigil was kept in the Monastic Church. The vigil continued until 05:30 in the morning.

The vigil contained an acatyst dedicated to st. George's great heroic martyrdom which was served in front of the Holy Relics of Satint Great Martyr George.

The monastery has been honoured to have for veneration, many saints holy relics.

свети мощи за поклонение в Поморийския Манастир св. ВМЧК Георги 06.05.2011

In the period of 4th to 12th of May, the monastery blessed the layman to venerate holy relics of the saints:

  • St. Great Martyr George
  • St. Cyprian and St. Justinca
  • St. Macrina
  • St. great martyr Marina
  • St. Andronic
  • St. Dasius of Dorostol
  • St. Emilian of Dorostol
Along with the holy relics for pilgrimage, the usual miracle making icons of St. George and the other monastic relics were offered for veneration.

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